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Herfeh: Honarmand is a Quarterly magazine in the field of Visual Arts. With a captivating blend of articles spanning Painting, Photography, Art theories, and critiques, it offers a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving world of art. Herfeh: Honarmand is well known in art society and is an authentic source for academics and has generally a critical point of view on the ruling contemporary artistic movements. As a trailblazer in its field, the magazine has been instrumental in introducing groundbreaking artists and art movements, showcasing the most innovative and internationally acclaimed talents. To enhance accessibility, we are pleased to present a selection of our key articles translated into English, conveniently available on this page. Feel free to explore specific themes and topics of interest with ease, by our tags below:


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Connecting to the Mainstream Endpoint, with Masoud Saadeddin

Kazem Chalipa - Resistance

Why We Can’t Have “Contemporary” Art / Iman Afsarian

Bahman Jalali - 2002

From the Iranian Identity to the Global History; The Paths in front of Persian art

هویت، هنر و هویت، هویت در هنر ایران، هنر معاصر ایران، شعر، پیکاسو

In Search of Identity / Rouin Pakbaz

سبد خرید۰ محصول